Our Mission

We want to reduce CO2 emissions by 6mt/yr by 2030

For some industries, technologies are not yet available to make the full transition to a sustainable production process. For these industries, we offer the service of collecting and safely storing the CO2 they capture in empty offshore gas fields. Using existing technology, we will reduce CO2 emissions in Western Europe by 6 million tonnes per year by 2030. We can help large and small emitters.

That's not all

Our CCUS solution is not an end solution, but a transitional solution aimed at industries that cannot convert to sustainable production in the short run. We realize that there is a lot more needed than CCUS to solve today’s Climate Crisis. That is why we also work on a natural and long term solution to store CO2: Blue Carbon Storage.

We develop Blue Carbon Storage: ECO-Reef Systems

Blue carbon is the CO2 stored within the world’s oceanic and coastal ecosystems. This carbon is stored through natural processes in the form of biomass, carbon-rich sediments and carbonate deposits. Blue carbon is a most cost-effective means of driving the long-term storage of excess and mitigation of anthropogenic carbon with the added benefits of invaluable ecosystem services. Further, food production from marine ecosystems has a smaller carbon footprint than land-produced equivalents and does not require additional land clearing to meet growing needs.

We intend to use the financial proceeds from our CO2 transport and storage services to independently fund the development of new or enlarged Blue Carbon systems through our unique ECO-Reef designs. Coral reefs coupled with seagrass and seaweed ecosystems sequester carbon as much as 10 times faster than forests. Additionally, our environmentally engineered systems greatly increase biodiversity, conserve threatened marine life like corals, and generate food security for coastal communities in developing countries.

Active restoration of damaged coral sites

Coastal Blue Carbon communities and their associated coral reef communities are among the most threatened ecosystems globally. Carbon Collectors’ expertise in environmental engineering has contributed to the restoration of tsunami damaged sites, coral communities destroyed by blast fishing, and reef extension using artificial structures. By building new ECO2-Reef systems we can reduce the impacts of pollution, overfishing, and coral bleaching.

Each year Carbon Collectors’ ECO2-Reef systems will grow, increasing the sustainability of the marine environment. ECO2-Reefs meet the United Nations 2030 Sustainability Goals of:

Making the world more sustainable is not just our business; it’s our passion.

You can read more about our ECO2-Reefs on our Fizzy Transition website.


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Carbon Collectors is based in The Netherlands and is part of Fizzy Transition Ventures B.V.

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