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Schuttevaer, the Dutch maritime weekly (in its 132nd year of publication), is featuring our current work on the final design for our barge - push tug combination: 21st August 2020.

"Together with the partners shipyard Koninklijke Niestern Sander, the shipping company Royal Wagenborg and Klassenbureau Veritas, Carbon Collectors is working on the final design for its first CO2 barge-push tug combination. The company wants to use this to collect CO2 from companies and store it in empty gas fields in the North Sea within a few years. In 2030, the company wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 6 million tons per year in this way." 

Our solution is designed to work not only offshore, but also for inland shipping. That way, we can also serve inland companies that are located near rivers and other inland water ways.

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Carbon Collectors
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Carbon Collectors is based in The Netherlands and is part of Fizzy Transition Ventures B.V.

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